WaiWai: Hungry housewives make a bit on the side through amateur porn

This article is reproduced from the discontinued, but much loved Mainichi Waiwai column by Ryann Connell. Read more about this at the bottom of this article.

Japan’s literally desperate housewives are finding the close relationship between the Internet and adult entertainment can help them pick up a handy profit, according to Shukan Post (4/7).

Moviemaker Nikkatsu found a steady stream of income with its softcore “Hitozuma (Wife)” series of skin flicks in the ’70s and ’80s using porn professionals. But now, in Noughties Japan, ordinary, everyday housewives have taken the raunchy racket to a new level.

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E-WOTD: Hitherto

Means: “until now” or “until the point in time under discussion”

* There is a need to replace what has hitherto been a haphazard method of payment.
* Under the bill, companies would be required to reveal the secrets of hitherto-exclusive copy-protection technologies such as Apple’s FairPlay format and the ATRAC3 code used by Sony’s Connect store and Walkman players.