Sexless article followup: we need your help to interview a Japanese “sexless counselor”

Sexless Japan
We need your help - what do you need to know to help your sexless marriage?
Although it seems to be sex that sells in the  rest of the world, unfortunately in the jaded world of gaijin’s married to Japanese it is sexlessness that sells.  To commemorate the fact that our most popular article on the truth behind “Sexless Japan” has received a whopping 500+ comments and more traffic than any other article we have written, we’ve decided to research for a follow-up article – and we need your help to make it an insightful one!

The continued traffic that we get to that article is proof alone that there is a significantly large % of the married gaijin community that are suffering from sexless marriages.  Worse yet, there are no obvious places to go.  It isn’t the norm for Japanese couples to get counseling and there isn’t a harder topic to bring up with your loved one than a debate about who should be putting out more and why.  If you haven’t read through the entire thread then we really strongly recommend taking the time out to see the comments, questions and advice that our readers have left on this topic.  Even if you’re not married yet.  Maybe even more so if you’re not married!!

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