Interview with Rieko Saigo (西郷理恵子): We got professional advice on your sexless marriage

Sexless Japan Interview - Rieko Saigo
Sexless? We interviewed a professional Japanese relationship consultant for some ideas on what could be the cause
At the beginning we thought it was just us. But as the number of comments grew on our “Sexless Japan” article we started to realise that not having regular sex – compared with how things were before marriage at least – seems to be a common issue for the I’m Married to a Japanese crowd in our readership. Could that really be the case? While we’re no match for Mino Monta, we decided to get to the bottom of things and track down a specialist on couples, sex, and the general state of sexlessness in Japan.

Marital advisors, Couple consultants, pre-marital counsellors, and the like are extremely rare in Japan. Sex specialists/therapists are even Continue reading