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We like to learn English words too…

E-WOTD: Vernacular

“The language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region”
“The terminology used by people belonging to a specified group or engaging in a specialized activity” : gardening vernacular
Difference between “Vernacular” and “Dialect”:
When a New York City cab driver calls out the window, “Hey, wassa madda wichoo?” he is using the vernacular, which is the authentic, natural pattern of speech among those belonging to a certain community.In some areas of London, on the other hand, one might hear the Cockney dialect, which is a form or variety of a language that is confined to a specific group or locality; it has its own pronunciation, usage, and vocabulary, and may persist for generations or even centuries (: he spoke in the dialect of the Appalachian backwoodsman).

E-WOTD: Vicarious

– Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.
“I could glean vicarious pleasure from the struggles of my imaginary film friends”
“I would like to live vicariously through him” in the meaning of “spend some time in his shoes” and experience what he does.

E-WOTD: Hitherto

Means: “until now” or “until the point in time under discussion”

* There is a need to replace what has hitherto been a haphazard method of payment.
* Under the bill, companies would be required to reveal the secrets of hitherto-exclusive copy-protection technologies such as Apple’s FairPlay format and the ATRAC3 code used by Sony’s Connect store and Walkman players.

E-WOTD: Hardscrabble

1 returning little in exchange for great effort : her uncle’s hardscrabble peanut farm.
2 characterized by chronic poverty and hardship : the hardscrabble coal town of Grundy, Virginia.
From SMH: Those who live in the eastern suburbs rarely venture beyond the CBD if they can help it. Those from the northern beaches think they have found nirvana, the North Shore knows it has, and the western suburbs take pride in their mostly hardscrabble existence.

E-WOTD: Antediluvian

Means “Old Fasioned”.
I saw this used in the paper today. What a great word. The meaning in todays sense is generally “old fasioned” as in, an old fasioned attidude, or way of thinking.
Diluvian means flood, from deluge I guess, and ante means “before”, so the latin meaning is before the flood, apparently referring to the flood in the bible (you know, the Noah’s arc one..) So, before the flood means very old, antiquated etc..