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Would you like your little piece of Japanese TV?

With the new “dubbing-10” law soon to be introduced in Japan (July 4th 2008) which allow up to 10 copies of TV programs to be legally made, we at are thinking of introducing a service where we will take direct requests for the recording of Japanese TV programs (anything on free-to-air Japanese TV in the Tokyo region). We would make it possible to book your recordings in advance – kind of like your very own Tivo, but working for you in Tokyo.

We would charge a nominal fee, not for the content itself, but to act as your TV recording agent, and to cover bandwidth costs, and hosting fees. To keep legal, only the requester would be able to download the segment of TV that they ask us to record for them – it would be a semi-private service, but anyone would be able to request a recording. We think it should be perfectly OK to act as your agent, and charge for that service so that you can get your copy of that TV show, that you otherwise couldn’t get.

Let us know if you are interested, and we will contact you with the details. We see it being popular with everyone from Japanese wives who live overseas with their husbands, and miss their beloved wide shows and dramas, to self-proclaimed otakus who drool about getting that episode of some late night Japanese TV programming featuring the girl who is the voice behind their favourite anime idol.

We have a unique position with our solid infrastructure here in Japan, and the fact that we are not tied to any companies who might frown on such an endeavour at this early stage of the new “dubbing 10” law. So, let us know what you think in the comments below. Send this to anyone you think who longs for a dose of Japanese TV!

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19 thoughts on “Stippy TV”

  1. I think it’s a great idea! Go Stippy and provide the service, it seems fine, surprisingly others may copy off your idea though…..

    Good luck!

  2. I’m not a lawyer. But if you can pull this off legally, this will be very beneficial to many.


  3. To tegami:
    Thank you for the great comment and advice. We have read it, and will take on board. Really appreciated it. Please let me know your email address, so we can chat elsewhere. Through the contact form above would be nice.

  4. I might be interested. I live in Seattle. Just starting getting TVJapan here but it’s all NHK. Nothing but NHK. Sigh . . .
    Basic cable here used to have something called iChannel (international channel) that carried some Japanese programming several hours a week — hyped up FujiTV news (where everything is “scoop”) and some Japanese movies (sometimes pretty good) and some Fuji TV dramas (usually pretty bad with occasional exceptions.) So I don’t have a show in mind at the moment but I might soon.

  5. hi i am an optical disc manufacturer. I see that the dubbing 10 law may cause massive
    expansion for the japan recordable disc market. can u guys tell me more about the japanese recording habit? Will many japanese people intend to make 10 copies? What is their purpose? Do local japanese people like to make TV program copies?

  6. HI,
    Can you please tell me, where can i get the technical details/specifications of “dubbing 10” standard…

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Just an update, we have been offering this service now for some time. It runs well, and we have had several people who use it time and time again. Contact us through the contact button above if you are interested also.

  8. I would like episodes of Happy Family Plan, Cocorico and Challengers of Fire and would pay for them per episode. But I would need the KIKU shown ones with subtitles!

  9. I don’t want to crash the party but I think the establishment of that law is specifically geared towards preventing people from making copies of TV shows and distributing them to large groups of people. Broadcasting over the web makes the show available to infinite numbers of people (infinite being a much larger number than 10). Recently, I was watching and old anime episode of Code Geas R2 on the internet. It had been recorded from a TV and was being broadcast on the internet. I noticed that a disclaimer saying “Distributing this show on the internet or recording this show and distributing it is against the law”.

    I’m not saying that I’m against your idea, I’ll definitely watch Stippy TV shows if you broadcast them! I just wanted to give my 2 cents on the topic at hand. (Please don’t direct any comments at me about how the broadcasters are making enough money, etc., etc. I’m not defending them – I’m just stating the facts.

  10. Hi Shinpai,
    We don’t make these available to “infinite numbers of people”. The only person who gets it, is the person who requested the recording. And, we don’t watch it either, so it is actually just like your brother, asking you to record something for her, and you asking him for a beer in return for spending the effort to record it for him. No laws against this.

  11. I like any music program, such as Music Station, in HD(?) and stereo. TVJapan is only HD and mono (why?). Also the Countdown shows on New Years would be real great.

  12. hello, are u still open this service? if it is still receive, i wanna order it. how is step to order?

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