Outrage Over Racist “Anti-Gaijin” Magazine

外人犯罪裏ファイル Gaijin Hanzai Ura FileThe Japanese government has just released their crime statistics for 2006, which show crimes by non-permanent resident foreigners in Japan are down 16.2% from a record high logged the year before. Unfortunately not everyone was impressed with these figures. A few days ago word broke out on foreign activist and anti-racism campaigner Arudou Debito’s site of a new very racist, and particularly “anti-gaijin in Japan” magazine called 外人犯罪裏ファイル (gaijin hanzai ura fairu), which has been variously translated as “Shocking Foreigner Crime: The Undercover File” or “Secret Files of Foreigners’ Crimes”. The magazine was widely available in convenience stores, book stores and online.

The magazine is subtitled “The 2007 White Paper on Foreigner Crime” and the general theme is that foreigners in Japan are largely responsible for the crime rate. Throw in a bit of bad language and a bit of racist slang and you’ve got a pretty good idea of where this is going. The book is littered with crude caricatures of foreigners, photos of shattered glass (which may or may not have been caused by bullets,) and pixellated photos which purportedly show foreigners caught in the act.

外人犯罪裏ファイル Japanese girls with Gaijin guys - a crime?Many of the stories seem to focus on Japanese girls wanting to be with gaijin guys – Jealousy?
While I get the impression the magazines goal is to stir up fear of a foreign crime wave, the editors seem to be easily distracted. Several stories, as pictured here, are focussed not on the foreigner crime wave, but instead on interracial dating, prostitution on and around US military bases (just the buying end), and Korean and other Asian prostitutes in Tokyo (just the selling end.) Outrage over the magazine has been widely vented, including in The Times and in Yahoo News.

However, the editorial director of Tokyo-based publishers Eichi, Shigeki Saka, has defended the magazine and insists that it is not racist, despite several references to black men in the magazine as “nigger (ニガー、niggaa).” He justified the publication by saying that “This is not a racist book, because it is based on established fact.” He continued that “if we wanted to be racist, we could write it in a much more racist way,” and then explained that the word “nigger” was not racist because it is not considered offensive in Japan. He refused to issue an apology, justifying himself by saying “If you read the magazine, you’ll see there’s no single discriminatory phrase, so I don’t know why should I apologise.”

According to an update posted by Debito the magazine has since been recalled by Family Mart, who has now issued an official apology on their website for stocking the “不愉快な (fuyukai,unpleasant)” magazine at all. Here at Stippy.com we had to make an emergency dash to the local WonderGoo to pick up the last copy before they were removed there as well.

A bit of research though indicates that it is still available on Amazon.co.jp, and they apparently have no intention of pulling it. Amazon said that they believe “… it is censorship not to offer for sale certain titles with repugnant or distasteful content” and insisting that “… [they] will continue to make controversial works available in the UK and everywhere else, except where they are prohibited by law.” Looking at the list of other recommended books at the Amazon.co.jp page though indicates that it isn’t necessarily Japanese buyers with a fondness for racism lapping them up. In the “Customers who bought this item also bought…” section it lists mainly Japanese language texts, including one for “Reading Comprehension for Level 1 Japanese Proficiency Exam”. It seems that it is largely foreigners who are searching for the books online, if not in the shops as well. Either that, or the young uyoku kiddies are working to brush up their Japanese a bit before they sit for their scooter licence exams.

Some of the comments by Amazon customers are comforting to see, basically slamming this magazine for the xenophobic and racist propaganda that it is:

Amazon.com Comment 1 – 日本人の恥: この本は海外の有力新聞で紹介され、日本人がいかに人種差別を容認しているかという証拠物件のように扱われています。ハッキリ言って日本人の恥です。戦前のナチスドイツで似たような内容の本がユダヤ人について出版されていたと指摘されています。実際、日本の犯罪のほとんどは日本人が行っているわけだし、世界的に見ても日本は外国人による犯罪が極端に少ない国であるわけだから、こういう本が出版される正当性はありません。しかも、外国人の犯罪を問題視するのなら、どうして日本人女性をナンパする外人まで同列に扱っているのでしょう?ナンパは犯罪ですか?単にダメな奴らのヒガミじゃないんですか?

Amazon.com Comment 2 – 人種差別本: 差別用語を頻繁に用い、内容が低レベル。著者には日本人として多大な劣等意識があると思われる。無知な日本人には外国人に対する偏見を植えつけてしまう。

外人犯罪裏ファイル Gaijin Hanzai Ura File World Map of Gaijin CrimeOf course, it’s impressive to see that a strong campaign by foreign activists was able to get some stores in Japan to reconsider stocking this tract. Nevertheless, I’m curious about how many of those complaining had actually read it. The sites listed above do have links to pictures of a couple of pages scanned from the magazine, and of course the content looks terrible, but it is not easy to get a good idea for what the articles are actually advocating.

For this reason, the team here at Stippy.com has decided to perform a bit of a public service and fully translate some of the articles for those who either can’t get their hands on the mag, or for any non-Japanese speakers here who would like to know what all the fuss is about. We’ll start today with a rough outline of the contents, and if there’s any particular story you’d like to know more about leave us your vote in the comments.

“Gaijin Hanzai Ura File” – Table of Contents (Which would you like to see translated on Stippy??):

  • p2, Tokyo Lawless Zone – Whether it’s Chinese and Black people in Shinjuku, Iranians in Shibuya, or multicultural carnage underway in Roppongi, foreign criminals are taking over all of Tokyo. What will happen next!?
  • p10, The Kidnapping Incident of a Shibuya Women’s University Student – Foreign criminals are starting to co-operate, and someone is going to get abducted!
  • p18, The Murder of a Brazilian Mother and Child in Yaizu – Murdered by a foreigner, of course.
  • p30, The Heinousness of Robbery Gangs – A gang of lethal outlaws is targeting Japan!
  • p32, Why is Japan Being Targeted? – An academic explains.
  • p46, Interview With the National Police Agency : We are going to go after foreign crime with everything we’ve got! – Actually, it’s surprisingly restrained and politically correct. Someone should have done a better job of misquoting them.
  • p49, The Top 10 Major Foreigner Crimes That Horrified Japan – Including a story about the “Chilean Geisha”, who seems to be guilty of receiving gifts bought with money embezzled by a Japanese Government Official!
  • p60, The Crime Business of North Korea : An evil nation in a league of it’s own. – Perhaps it’s not quite relevant, but according the policeman at the local koban the North Koreans stole my last scooter.
  • p65, The Murder of a Family of Four in Fukuoka – A gruesome story of murder by a gang of Chinese foreign students, expertly simplified into a six page manga story!
  • p73, The Kidnapping Incident of a Women’s University Student in Shibuya – Another six page manga, but this time with a happy ending. A true tale of heroism. Possibly slightly exaggerated.
  • p79, Interview with a Former Metropolitan Police Department Detective : “The age where everyone is a target” – Apparently a well-planned, well-organised, unbelievable incident beyond your wildest imagination will occur sometime after spring. What could this ambiguous incident possibly be!
  • p82, Murder on a Pig Farm in Chiba – Another manga, this time four pages, documenting a murder, committed by a foreigner, on a pig farm… in rural Chiba Prefecture.
  • p88, A History of Foreign Cults – You never know when a foreigner might force you to believe in a crazy religion against your own will!
  • p96, What the CIA is Doing in Japan – Are they a friend or an enemy?
  • p97, Shocking Photo Scoop! : A top secret facility for foreign sex workers in Kabukicho – Not very top secret anymore, I’m afraid.
  • p108, Cracking Down on the Asian Prostitution Trade – Tales of forced prostitution in Kabukicho, an otherwise family friendly safe haven.
  • p110, Korean Prostitution in Uguisudani – Including answers to eight questions you always wanted to ask about Korean prostitutes. Do they practice safe sex? Do they hate the Japanese? And what is that Kim-chi smell?
  • p113, 2006 Foreigner Crime Database – 13 pages, with all you need to know about 187 evil deeds committed in 2006. Kind of what you would expect in a newsprint version of “America’s Most Wanted,” except perhaps not quite as intellectually stimulating.
  • p126, Trends and Countermeasures for 2007 – Will you be able to protect yourself?

Let us know which you would like to see translated in the comments, and why! (You’ll have to convince us to get of our bums and translate..!)

59 thoughts on “Outrage Over Racist “Anti-Gaijin” Magazine”

  1. I found this through Mixi and I’ve been following it for the last little while. It’s pretty amazing, I’m trying to imagine what would happen if this kind of thing was sold in local shops in England.

    I’d be interested to hear the “academic” view on why Japan is being “targeted.” I’m always a big fan of bogus science 🙂

  2. I dont mind a good dig on Gaijins occasionally ! as long as its discounted as trash by the majority of well balanced and educated folks. I couldnt expect much from a towel headed construction worker or any scooterized chimpara bastard….(though Politicians seem to often come out with gems originating from a similar level of thought process)

    Its Tabloid mentality. Sensationalism to sell the rag. But wheres theres smoke theres sometimes fire.

    I ,for one. am embarrassed at some of the stuff Gaijin do here that they wouldnt try in their own countries. Professional crims will be crims anywhere, so them aside, I often see normally well mannered folk turn into spoilt brats once landing here so we deserve a bit of stick from the natives of this land.

    Good on Family Mart for taking a stand and pulling it and good on Amazon for retaining it! their purposes differ but are policies based on customer satisfaction

  3. Alright.. I wanna know where the gaijin hookers are….can you translate that as a public service???

    I find the mag pretty amusing! like the captions over the photos like, “Hey Gaijin boy, dont touch jap girls p***y in the street!” and “Hold on a damn minute niggga!” I thought it was hilarious! who cares if its racist, its fun!

  4. I think though, to a certain extent, if a magazine like this came out in America, say about black people from Africa causing crimes, or even something more specific like black people, or Mexicans, or illegal immigrants, there would be an amazing uproar, on the local and political level.

    While yeah, I too am embarrassed by some of the things my fellow countrymen do that they wouldn’t do back in the USA, it’s also one of those things that the environment also has something to do with it. While we can’t do some things at home (picking up girls in the bar is one thing, but doing it out on the corner tends to have a different meaning in America then here) is acceptable here and vice versa. So yeah, we do embarrassing stuff, but the same goes for Japanese who go abroad and do things that may not be socially acceptable where ever they may go.

    Not that censorship is good in itself, society itself decides what is acceptable and what is not, thusly Family Mart pulling it off their shelves, and the appropriate uproar will help people realize that this isn’t exactly that this kind of stuff is socially unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, as someone who is somewhat jaded with Japan, it is obvious to see that people here will twist facts to their benefit and harp on things. With the herd mentality of this country, unfortunately too many people simply accept things and don’t question the facts. It is a disappointment, but it is one of the things you have to accept if you want to accept the culture.

    That said though, anyone reading the magazine would recognize that this magazine is less then scientifically valid.
    I can’t remember the last time a scientifically sound journal talking about (and pardon my language) “fingerin that pu*** on the street” literally as this magazine does. Any magazine that uses phrases found in porn and such looses all literary credibility in my opinion.

    Oh, and love the blatant excuse, “nigga” isn’t a derogatory word here so it’s ok to use it. I guess that means we can go talk about Japanese as yellow squinty eyed japs in other countries, eh?

    People like that just make me sad.

  5. I also saw this magazine, and I was pretty surprised. There are a lot of racist things you have to get over in Japan, as I am sure in my own country, and most of the time I dont really care. I am used to the big nose comments, and the gaijin-stare, and all the other things that we have to deal with on a daily basis. But this mag was pretty blatant, definately crossed the line. What exactly are they trying to prove? I wonder if we can get any other Japanese feedback on whether they think its too much or not?

    Also I would love to hear what the CIA are doing in Japan. Thats great that you offered to put up more info- can we get a rundown of that on here???

  6. That magazine was hilarious…well it would be if it weren’t real and actually bought by people.

    It is especially funny when Japanese people point at the racial problems in other countries. I remember at university how the professor was talking about the “White Australia Policy” that was around until the late sixties and all the people looking at me like I was some kind of right-wing freak-show.

    At the time I just wanted to dig a hole and hide but I wish I had pointed out that Japan’s “right of the blood” (jus sanguinis) citizenship policy is the same if not worse and still in full swing…

    Could be an idea for a stippy story? “Jus sanginis vs jus soli” (right of the soil) and how Japan is almost alone amongst developed countries in not offering citizenship to children born there? (I think even Germany changed that one a few years back…).

    (a quick wiki check shows that those crazy Irish are going backwards and removed it recently though…)

  7. Thank you for giving some info on this. I saw this on Racialious, and it really took my breath away. I know there’s a racism problem in Japan, but I kind of didn’t think I’d ever see this come out of Japan. It’s startling to say the least.

    Can someone please translate the amazon.co.jp comments shown at the end of the article? The ones denouncing this…thing?

  8. Actually, now I think about it I remember there was a controversial episode of a popular manga (oishimbo) released about 10 years ago that talked about Australians as racists. To be fair it was at the time of Pauline Hanson’s upsurge and it probably had some truth to it but it was a pretty damning article (especially for a comic book that is meant to be about eating good food)! Has anybody got a copy?

  9. Same thing has been going on for a while.

    In ’92 I was stopped in Ginza by a non-Japanese photographer for Tokyo Business magazine. She asked if she could take my picture talking to a cop. I knew something was up when she didn’t give me a plausible answer as to what this was for. I didn’t really care however as it was my day off and I was killing time waiting for a friend. The cop was nice and joking around with me. So much so that the photographer kept telling him to be more serious. When the magazine came out the photo was used for an article about the increase in gaijin crime. I think the photographer could have found someone who looked more like a criminal than a guy dressed in a preppy wool sweater carrying a backpack. Or maybe that was their point. Any gaijin could be a criminal.

    My students thought it was pretty funny and were asking what type of criminal I was – shitagi dorobo desu ka. They had a sense of humour and knew the difference between media sensationalism and fact however. I think most Japanese are the same and will see this magazine for what it really is. Manufactured stories to sell magazines.

  10. Good memory Sotei-guy. I’m a big fan of oishinbo. You’re talking about episode #65. It looks like you can still buy it at amazon.
    Don’t you love it how the front cover has a picture of some lovely shimofuri beef next to the title “Australia no kiki”. As would be expected, the mag does talk a bit about your (not-so) proud history of racism in Australia and ends with the main character feasting on a tasty combination of miso and matsuzaka-gyu (???).

    But to be fair, Sotei-guy, it isn’t really an attack on Australia. Sure, there is the odd crack at how tough “aussie beef” is, but the debate was relatively balanced (ciritizing Japan too at times) My personal view is that the whole Pauline Hanson issue made Australia look racist, not the otherway around.

    oh… and there were a few other recipees which made Aussie ingredients sound pretty tasty. 😛

  11. It a pretty sad article but racisim and xenophopia exists everywhere and in every country as does crime and stupid people. Its the old…. “Comming over here takin our jobs and takin our women mantra” which has been going since the stoneage…..

    I thought that this video says it all……………


    Life is too short just enjoy it and be respectful to other people!

  12. I like stippy.com, but I am a little sick of the promises you keep making, and then not delivering on your word.

    If you are going to promise to translate articles that people request, then please do it. Otherwise, it’s better not to make the promise in the first place.

    The same goes for your “Love Hotel Series”, which has only one part. Let’s call it a series after part 2 please.

    (Not that I am paying to look at your site but, I and I am sure others, bookmark your site because we expect to see your promised updates. I they don’t appear, we don’t come back).

  13. Just as you say Ganna Boy,,,you are not paying for a service so keep your complaints for McDonalds….I am looking forward to these follow ups too but I m sure I will live if the writers donty get time to do it

  14. I love this book, i plinted some picture onto t shirts. if you don’t like japan just
    reave, you dont have to here. we is not foreigner. we dont like you touch our gils.

  15. Can you translate page 130?
    It seems to say: “Gaijin think 2+1=4” and “Read vertically to confuse them”.

  16. I love it! I`m trying to find a copy, I`d love to publish one in Australia, the only problem is it`d be bigger than the phone book! My wife`s Japanese and she`s doing hanzai all the time! Every time I get paid she robs all my money!!! But I guess I get my own back by feeling her up (occassionally). Every country has it`s racist tendencies, you just got to laugh about it and if anyone wants to make trouble just smash `em!!!

  17. Well, are you people going to translate these articles for us or not? I have been checking here for a month or two waiting to see what they say. Pleeeaaaaasssee????

  18. Alot of these comments I see are ill-thought comes off to me as stupid japanopihilles or just jackasses or something……That jackass who published is ruining the Japanese, plus Family market who even put it up for sale and then said they were going to remove it in one damn week; just providing more for the flame that the Japanese are very xenophobic and racist and think their country is oh-so-special.

  19. I’m Japanese and have been living in US for over 15 years or so.
    Do you know, I noticed that Japanese are rather developing country when it comes to racisim.

    I noticed now, how inmoral they are sometimes, especially comments made in TV, that I didn’t notice before when I lived in Japan. (not only to other races but against people with less phisical attraction)

    They seem no ideas what “discrimination” really is, so, I’m pretty sure this publishers and readers haven’t sense of what they really means.

    Using a word “nigger” and they don’t mean anything? I don’t think so. There you have it, that’s how ignorant still Japanese are when it comes to discrimination.

    I feel so sorry about it, that I am Japanese too, now I see, kind scars me.

  20. I have always been irritated by Japan’s societal problems, especially their “elitist” mentality. I start to think sometimes that it would be cool to live there for a long time, maybe marry in… but then the fact that a blue-eyed, blonde haired gaijin in a wheelchair would -never- survive in Japan’s society’s current (and stubborn) condition is in makes me reel. 🙁

    I’d like to see the sex crime stories translated… Why? Don’t know, but the short answer is that I watch way too much L&O:SVU for -anyone’s- good.

  21. It’s a sort of universal thing now. I mean the globalizaion made wealthier people’s lifestyle almost the same regardless of where they live. At the same time, as resisting the globalization, poorer people all over the world are getting somewhat patriotic.

    I’m Japanese and I live in NY now for a bit more than 10 years, but I hear people in NY criticize another group of people more often than before. Also, 10 years ago, more people in Japan used to say ‘wow, you live abroad? I wanna do that, too!’, but now they kinda sound like ‘why do you live abroad? You’re Japanese, you should live in Japan, betrayer!’

    I like talking to people when I go back to my country to see how people’s opinion in general changes every time I go home. This depends on regions, class, etc, but more people certainly sound ‘ultra-nationalistic’. They want the government to be armed. They also feel being extorted by other countries. Surprisingly, lotta people told me they felt sympathy for Saddam when he was excuted and strong hatred towards Americans. Of cource, many still think ‘all the blacks and whites = american’.

    I can see this change in NY, too. Many young Japanese people come to NY. Their vibes were more like ‘I came here to enjoy because I don’t like living in Japan’, but now lots of them act like NY is their colony or something.

    Oh, I’ll share with you crazy signs I’ve seen at Japanese businesses. At the door of a pachinko parlor from a large korean owned Pachinko chain said ‘No chinese permitted!’ Another Pachinko parlor’s sign said’ No foreigners’

    In Okinawa, I went to a club and the door said ‘Yellow and Black only. No whites!’

    The funniest one, some Japanese restaurants and bars in NY, the sign says at their door, ‘Japanese only’ or ‘No Gaijin (think who’s gaijin here)’ In the hear of Manhattan, too!!.

    I fear, Japan will have another war in my lifetime.

  22. Yes, there is no single doubt that Japan is a racist country. I have been there 2 years and have been stopped several times by the police to be asked for ID and also suffered from discrimination.

    But then again I don’t blame them because they are a homogeneous country. They are not used to living with multiple races. On the other hand, Malaysians (like myself) are living together with many races (Malay, Chinese, Indians, Other Minorities) and we learn from each other since childhood. We celebrate all festivals together, which include Eid, Chinese New Year, Deepavali (Indian Festival), Buddhist festivals and Christmas.

    In conclusion, the environment counts. I believe Japan is and will always be racist.

  23. I live in Japan for several years, when I see the image that give a lot of foreigners (majority?) coming to Japan, I understand the way of thinking of japanese people who hate foreigners.
    It is these f******* foreigners you must blame and not the Japanese.
    I am sure you have understood my way of thinking…
    Parasite foreigners: GO HOME!

  24. Hi Kansaimaster,
    you dirty mook. people like you make me puke.

    nice english btw.



    I’d say go home to you but, 日本人は故郷のない

  25. Hello my friend!
    Your Japanese seems to be very good too 笑 (why did you use Japanese if you can’t write it correctly?) I admit my English is not perfect but I imagine the only language you can speak is your mother tongue: English, awesome! So let’s talk about your profession, let me guess: English teacher!
    My message for you: you are not agree with my way of thinking, go home stupid teenager.

    A french person who hate YOU! (LOL)

  26. Mr. Ahmad Zadli > must be kidding in praising his home country Malaysia. It is the worst country I have been, so backward especially the local stock in their mentality. They tell me racist things (slants/jokes/put downs/hidden messages/comments on sly) about the other races (their own country mates for God’s sake) and made numerous comments that I know are not acceptable in my home country. When I rebuked them, they quickly put forth irrelevant reasoning/excuses. Bunch of hypocrites. If they are so great together in unity, why are this people always act so insecure and damning to themselves. I would have think he has the arrogant to preach. In 8 years as an expatriates in Malaysia, tells me a lot about the local folks.

  27. There are too many foreigners in Japan.
    Some of them works for japanese companies and they are brave so they can stay.
    But foreigners from US working as english teachers are really fucking playboy… They cant have fun in US with US girls, because they are fat and ugly, so they want to stay in Japan for ever.

  28. 大阪3l33t, you are one ignorant mofo. Yea, while some people who teach English in Japan come for sex. Not everyone does. I myself am one of those who didn’t. I find traditional Japanese culture to be exceedingly interesting. On the other hand, I generally don’t find Japanese women attractive. I love the English language, and like to share my love of my mother tongue with others. I’m not fat, and I’m not ugly. My Japanese coworkers keep telling me I need to find a Japanese girlfriend, and I change the subject. And, if you want English Teachers out of Japan, there is one really simple way to do it. Don’t take fucking English lessons. There problem solved.

  29. A Nigerian told me once that he tied up a Japanese police officer in a phone booth once.

  30. It is much better for the police to crack down on these gangs and all racist material to be removed.

  31. I live in London and would love to see the publication of something similar here.

    What I love about Japanese racism is that it’s directed at REAL problems that people have with specific ethnic groups. Gaijin get away with a lot of shit in Japan that they wouldn’t be able to do back in their own countries. We have our head in the sand here in the UK re specific ethnic groups and the social problems they cause. Hooray for Japan having the guts to point the finger at the real culprits!
    At the end of the day, if you don’t like it there get the hell out. Japan is an easy place to do well – lived there for 14 years, returning again in a month to live permanently.

  32. oh my God!!, that magazine not only it’s racist but also sexist too,japanese people are hugely xenophobic for foreginers and american soilders station there,we help japan and it’s people during post-world war 2 to rebuld their economy and this how japan to repay us by spending false rumors about foreginers commit crimes which had nothing to do it and americans rape their women that ‘s bullshit! we never rape japanese women and getting along with them just fine,japanese men always jealous of us dating japanese women and japanese women can’t stand them because they’re perverted,sexist,and deadbeat losers!,why Japan getting such a bad rep? because the truth is japanese government was failure nad their laws are poorly enforced!,Japan never changes because of their racist,xenophobic,anti-american,and sexist ways.

  33. Japanese hate foreigners increased after the fall of Tokugawa Shogunate. Tokugawa Shogunate was the bestest system that Japan has ever had for last 268 years. In the Edo period, there is less crime and more respect and love between Japanese. This kind of government is suitable for the Japanese. Democracy is not natural for Japanese.If Japanese are being disrespectful, they’ll be beheaded by a samurai and nobody can complain. Religions that can be brainwashing and causing mind control and social problems are illegal. Only Buddhism and Shinto are allowed. Having relations with foreigners are prohibited. Americans and their allies are to blamed for the fall of the shogunate. Americans and their allies want to destroy Japanese. Don’t think I don’t know your game. Obama and along with other Presidents after Kennedy assassination are corporate puppets. Federal Reserve control your money and not handling it. The point of Japanese is racist does not matter to you. It’s better for you to interact with the nature and the environment of planet earth rather than interfering with human law of other people’s country. It’s your fault for messing with planet earth’s natural resources such as oil and gas. The Americans and their allies are the ones who causing this global warming and environmental problems in the first place due to industrialization and that’s why you don’t succeed in Copenhagen. Criticizing Japanese without understanding is kind of stupid. You have your own problem and that problem is not Japan. Stop wasting time. The Tokugawa Shogunate doesn’t care about foreigners and the Japanese run their economy themselves without foreign help. American by the name Matthew Perry somehow blew it. Someday, I would love to see Japan as a self-reliant country with a secret specialty without gaijins and their “antique’s” and capitalism must go!

  34. Well this kind of racism is quite new to me… to hate all the foreigners. Well… I know that this is just very small minority, and that minority can be laughed at.

    It’s also quite amusing that in other countries the “problem” is anotherway around. The Japanese immigrant ladies are marrying local men. Maybe those ladies marrying foreigners were originally meant for the racists… well… maybe the all-powerful theory of Darwin is working here as well.

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