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The Biker’s Life, A Biker’s Mansion!

thumb05.jpgFor those that can’t get enough of a supercharged 2 wheeled machine riding between their legs then the next best thing must be sleeping with it! In the country where land is scarce and parking spaces cost big bucks, people naturally tend towards buying bikes. Japan consistently has one of the highest per capita sale of motorbikes in the world. Its no coincidence then that the motorbike big three; Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki are all from Japan. There’s a real passion for bikes here, and now there’s a new avenue for people who love there bikes to express it, the Riders Mansion. Continue reading The Biker’s Life, A Biker’s Mansion!

Only in Japan: Hello Kitty dressed as Paris Hilton

Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Pack - Only in JapanHello Kitty herself (itself?) is pretty much an “only in Japan” fashion item. However, what do you get when you cross Paris Hilton (WARNING: Don’t click that if you are at work, or offended easily), MONO COMME CA and Hello Kitty? Well the “MONO COMME CA, Paris Hilton and Hello Kitty” collaboration pack of course. Sanrio, the Japanese creators of Hello Kitty have done it again. A dolly-fashion package that will steal the heart of any naive woman with a (parental) disposable income (these are abundant in Japan!). Continue reading Only in Japan: Hello Kitty dressed as Paris Hilton