Only in Japan: Hello Kitty dressed as Paris Hilton

Hello Kitty Paris Hilton Pack - Only in JapanHello Kitty herself (itself?) is pretty much an “only in Japan” fashion item. However, what do you get when you cross Paris Hilton (WARNING: Don’t click that if you are at work, or offended easily), MONO COMME CA and Hello Kitty? Well the “MONO COMME CA, Paris Hilton and Hello Kitty” collaboration pack of course. Sanrio, the Japanese creators of Hello Kitty have done it again. A dolly-fashion package that will steal the heart of any naive woman with a (parental) disposable income (these are abundant in Japan!).

A plain Paris kitty sells for 5000 yen, a pretty steep price by itself, but you then have to buy all of the MONO COMME CA brand accessories separately, otherwise you are left with a naked Paris Hilton Kitty-chan. (I’m sure that there will be a video of that on the internet soon… I wonder if Kitty has the same technique as Paris!).

Paris-Hello-Kitty AdYou could click on this image to see a bigger version of the pamphlet for the Kitty-Paris goods selection, but I advise against it, it could make you sick. Accessories are not only available for kitty, but for her owner too (who would’ve picked that). This Paris-Kitty style bag for example can be purchased for 14,490 yen..

OMG, I cant believe how some companies manage to screw people of their money. But not to fear, thank god its only available for a limited time, and only in Japan!

May 2007 UPDATE: I wonder if they will bring out a “Behind Bars Paris Hilton Kitty”, or just a “Paris Hilton Kitty Jail Cell”. This would be befitting noting her upcoming Prison Sentence!

10 thoughts on “Only in Japan: Hello Kitty dressed as Paris Hilton”

  1. Kitty-chan has got to be one of the most poorly managed Japanese brands. Kitty is a bit like Chage-Aska in that I sometimes wonder if she’s bigger in Asia than she is in Japan. Imagine the potential if Sanrio employed a real marketing manager.

  2. I found this article that may be of interest here:
    Kitty Condoms

    It seems Sanrio even makes condoms. Not with Kitty on the front, but with her friends (the monkey etc). Maybe there really is going to be a kitty sex tape released soon! Hmmm!

  3. My previous (Japanese) girlfriend was a Kitty fanatic. I haven’t seen the condoms, but I was just as shocked to see her Hello Kitty birth control pill case.

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