E-WOTD: Paucity

“The presence of something only in small or insufficient quantities or amounts”; “scarcity”
Example: A paucity of information.

Actually I found it in this excerpt in some newspaper on “Americans and Soccer”:

There are various theories why Americans, almost alone in the sporting world, still don’t “get” a game that elsewhere can make or break governments, economies and even people’s lives. The psycho-sociological view is that, accustomed to instant and repeated gratification, Americans are bored by the relative paucity of shots, the long gaps between goals, the “ties”. As one sports commentator put it, they find football “like Swiss cheese: flavourless”.

The geo-political view is that Americans are not just parochial – is there any greater sporting misnomer than “World Series” baseball? – but also imperialist. Losing at something the rest of the world takes so seriously makes them feel insecure.

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