JGram – The Japanese Grammar Database

Jgram is an interesting page for people learning Japanese and are struggling with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT – 日本語能力試験). Its goal is to tackle how to learn Japanese grammar, which is one thing that online dictionaries, textbooks, and even many Japanese teachers never go in to to any level of complexity.

Japanese is a language full of colourful grammer, a phrase (or ten!) for every occasion. However, without resources like jgram to bring it all together, learning proper Japanese grammar can be a pain.

I like the focus on the JLPT levels, as it makes it easy to track your progress, and knowing what your level is.
Good luck!

5 thoughts on “JGram – The Japanese Grammar Database”

  1. The thing is we don’t need a huge list of rules in English, because they would then seem to be broken:Smart FM used to have a version of the Jgram stuff which seemd to be drawn from the same sources or was cribbed off it, and this showed how effective it could be was good for giving some examples, and including a spoken version of most senses, but you need motto mo…there are the nihongo bunpo “pointo 20” books out there , but SmartFM si no more…

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