Amazing Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster Documentary “155 days” 「金曜プレステージ・わ・す・れ・な・い 東日本大震災155日の記録 」(aired: 12th August 2011 on Fuji TV)

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Documentary - Fuji TV
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Documentary - Fuji TV

This incredible documentary is the first of its kind to air in Japan, with professionally commentated and chronologically compiled footage of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that was to follow. It is all in Japanese, but for those of you who cant understand the commentary, just watch it anyway. It is very well put together, giving logical sequencing of the mess which we all witnessed on the news and Youtube in the weeks after the event. Watch it, and witness the gut wrenching footage and interviews with people who lost their families and livelihood (even if you dont understand the language with your head, your heart understands the story being told). Much of the footage has previously never been shown before, and has been painstakingly sewn together into this shocking story, that helps with a deeper understanding of what really happened on that tragic day, March 11th 2011.

It starts with a 20 minute sequence of the progressive destruction of one single city, that had 19 cameras (some amateur, and some fixed) positioned around the bay. Quite amazing to see all of this second by second swallowing up the city.

The main program then starts, with detailed stories and descriptions of different people’s accounts. Emotional as hell, but it focuses on how the Japanese pulled together, and helped each other. No riots, no looting, just people in mourning trying their best to help other people in mourning.

Full credit given to Fuji TV for this show (we even left the ads in). We just thought it was such an incredible show, that it needs to be shared.

Watch the full program by downloading it in the link below.

Download the full video in mp4 format

(formatted for iPad, iPhone, in very high quality – you may need to right click and choose “save as”)

14 thoughts on “Amazing Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster Documentary “155 days” 「金曜プレステージ・わ・す・れ・な・い 東日本大震災155日の記録 」(aired: 12th August 2011 on Fuji TV)”

  1. No, unfortunately not. I dont have the time to do that. If someone provides a subtitle file, Im happy to upload it here.

    Still encoding…. few more hours to go. Will put it up here in about 8 hours from now.

  2. Thanks, I just saw the updated version last night, and it was amazing. (..and heartbreaking) I’d wanted to record it, but unfortunately, i couldn’t find any hardware that would allow me to watch it freely on any device i wanted.

    Is it available in torrent form? i tried downloading from your link, but it’s so big that my download ends before completion, for some reason. The farthest i’ve gotten is about a 1 Gg. Maybe it’s timing out.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  3. There is an English version, and I should know, since I did the bulk of the narration for the documentary and its sequel. I do have a copy of it on DVD (and I will also be receiving a copy of the sequel, once the editing is finished). I would love to put it on YouTube, but both the director and Fuji TV have forbidden that. I hope they change their minds since I think as many people as possible should watch it; it’s quite moving. I found the sequel even more moving.

  4. Yeah, i agree. I think that everyone should see the documentary. (everyone except my family in the states, of course. i don’t need them calling me every hour asking me if i’m alright!)

    Envious of you Howard Colefield. Narration and sound editing is a hobby of mine, and i always promised myself that i’d add “doing it professionally one day” to my bucket list.

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