A “Yakuza War” has started in Central Tokyo

yakuza.jpgYesterday morning at 10am in the well-to-do area of Tokyo’s Nishi Azabu, a member of one Yakuza gang (the Yamaguchi-gumi, 山口組) shot and killed a very senior member (a 幹部 or kanbu, which roughly translates to “director”) of another Yakuza gang (the Sumiyoshi-kai, 住吉会) on the side of the main road between Roppongi and Shibuya, all in broad daylight. This has lit a match of dangerous and lethal proportions, escalating a rift that has been brewing in Tokyo for some time now, starting the much feared “Yakuza war” in central Tokyo, that many have been predicting since the end of 2005.

This is directly relevant for a few of us who write for Stippy, because it has all happened literally right on our doorstep. One of the things we all like and respect about Japan – it’s shiny reputation as a “safe” country – seems to have become tarnished and is somewhat crumbling at the sides. Many of us (and I suppose our avid readers) live around this lively and busy area of Tokyo, and the shock certainly hit home yesterday with the scene of the drive-by shooting being outside my local Seijo Ishii supermarket, a stone’s throw from where several of us live, and even more of us work. This is just not meant to happen in Japan – it seems so surreal.

The incident went as follows: Just after 10am, gun shots were heard along Roppongi Street in Nishi-Azabu 4 Chome. Toyota Century - Yakuza CarThe fuzz arrived to find a rough looking, but well dressed guy inside a USD$110k black Toyota “Century” (pictured, the favoured car of the nationalistic Yakuza) dead. He had been shot three times in the head and stomach at point blank range, at 10am on a weekday morning on one of the busiest inner city thoroughfares of Tokyo in front of more than 50 or 60 onlookers (most who soon fled the scene for fear of being tangled in more than they can handle).

After investigation by the Central Anti-Organized Crime Unit (警視庁組織犯罪対策課)and the local police, they determined that the murdered man was a member of the well-known Sumiyoshi-kai Yakuza Gang (these gangs are more commonly referred to as 暴力団 , “boryokudan”, which means literally “violence gang” in Japanese). The eye witnesses that were brave enough to stick around for police and reporters that soon swarmed upon the area, said that 2 men wearing motorbike helmets had approached the parked car, and fired three rounds through the back window of the car, and killing the kanbu, who’s name was Ryoichi Sugiura (杉浦良一, 43 years old). Yakuza War - bullet ridden Toyota CenturyThe two assassins then fled, and soon after a handgun and their motorbike were found ditched very close to the crime scene, which was in between Kowa Building (a building that houses about 10 embassies of mainly South American nations) and the headquarters of Novartis Pharma. This highly prized living area is considered to be quite upper-class, and normally very quiet, despite it’s close proximity to Roppongi and Azabujyuban, both notorious for their pinnings to the Tokyo underworld (and both considered “dangerous” – or maybe just yabai – places to be by normal Japanese people.)

About two hours after the incident, I left our office building (near Novartis) and headed back toward Nishi Azabu crossing for lunch with a colleague, and by that time, the area was surrounded by TV cameras and flashing lights. There were at least 20 detective cars (unmarked with just the proverbial removable red light atop their roof), and at least as many news trucks, from every TV station I could think of, and more. Helicopters were circling the skies, trying to get scoop footage of the scene from above. The whole area was wrapped in yellow “Crime Scene – Keep Out” police tape, and while being generally under control, people were on a tight string, and the atmosphere was one of orderly mayhem.

Yakuza war murder sceneRoppongi-dori closed off for all traffic by Police (click to enlarge)
The last time I saw a scene like that was the evening Takafumi Horie from Livedoor got arrested at Roppongi Hills, where I also happened to be walking past at the time. I was expecting this to be just a similar incident, maybe another big media arrest, or another company being raided by Police for yet another financial scandal – until a scattered and panicked Japanese guy ran up to us (2 gaijins) and proceeded to tell us that one of the Yamaguchi-gumi (Japan’s largest Yakuza group originating in Kansai), had shot a member of the Sumiyoshi-kai (the second largest group, based traditionally in Tokyo) and that there would “repercussions”, and that the whole neighbourhood was in danger. He scuttled on. We were next approached by a young guy from NHK, Japan’s national TV and radio network asking if we were from one of the the embassies in Kowa Building – nope, strike one. Did we live in the adjacent building – nope, strike two. Did we hear the shots – nope, strike three. Well, would we like to do an interview about how safe Nishi Azabu is? Nope, definitely not.

Yakuza war murder sceneGunmen fired from here at the parked car (click to enlarge)
Turf-wars(縄張り)between the Yamaguchi-gumi and the Sumiyoshi-kai gangs have been increasing in recent years. The whole story is actually quite complicated, and is much harder to understand than the American “gang warfare” that we see in Hollywood movies. Indeed, Yakuza is far flung from the breed of gangs that fight in other countries – a true underworld, where the public is rarely aware of what is actually going on, and even more rarely affected or dragged into their constant fighting. There is no racial tension (they are all as pure as Japanese people come) and unlike gang members in the west, these guys are rich, filthy rich, and run many questionable, but lucrative businesses in Japan, including Pachinko and many of the chains of Japan’s famous love hotels.

When we go a little further into history of the Yakuza in the Roppongi-Azabu area of Tokyo, until quite recently, this whole area was originally controlled by the 国粋会 (Kokusui-kai) gang. The Kokusui-kai was on relatively good terms with the Sumiyoshi-kai (and it’s subset, the Kobayashi-kai), and were “lending” the turf in this area for them to control. In September 2005 however, Kokusui-kai was absorbed by the Yamaguchi-gumi, starting the current turf war for the areas between Roppongi and Shibuya. The Yamaguchi-gumi thought it was high time the whole area was returned to Kokusui-Yamaguchi control, and this is when things started to get interesting.

In August 2005, part of the nightclub region of Roppongi come under the control of Yamaguchi-gumi. They also succeeded around the same time, in acquiring some lucrative areas around Ginza, the famous shopping district of Tokyo. All this was, as mentioned above, while they were in the process of absorbing the 500 member strong Tokyo-based gang Kokusui-kai. Since then, the Kokusui-kai under Yamaguchi-gumi has been in a number of tussles with the Kobayashi-kai of the Sumiyoshi-kai over Nishi-Azabu and Roppongi turf rights. One of the explanations floating around is that the kanbu who was shot yesterday (Sugiura) was in charge of negotiations of turf boundaries for the Sumiyoshi-kai, and that he drew the wrong line in the sand with the Yamaguchi people. The media is reporting that this will turn into a long running「血のバランスシート」(a “Blood Balance Sheet”), claiming that the battle to claim back turf and pride is measured in how much blood of the rival’s top level kanbu is split, and are warning that the war could span over many years to come.

outside-yamaguchi-office.pngPolice outside the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters (click to enlarge)
The Yamaguchi-gumi is one of the largest criminal organization in the world. Estimates put the number of active members at just over 39,000, with thousands more having strong associations. It is, by far, the largest of the Yakuza group, and its membership encompasses roughly 45% of the 87,000 Yakuza in the Japanese underworld. However, the Yamaguchi-gumi are from the Kansai region, having their headquarters in Kobe. The current kumi-cho(組長) or Godfather of the Yamaguchi-gumi is known as Shinobu Tsukasa. He became the 6th boss of this group in 2005, and under his leadership the Yamaguchi-gumi has undertaken an expansionist policy into Tokyo, which is not traditionally a Yamaguchi-gumi stronghold. And their actions are upsetting the tradition Tokyo local gangs.

The Sumiyoshi-kai, is the second-largest Yakuza gang in Japan with an estimated 10,000 members. It is a confederation of smaller gangs, and its current sosai (総裁), or leader, is Shigeo Nishiguchi. Structurally, the Sumiyoshi-kai differs from its main rival, the Yamaguchi-gumi as it is more of a federation, has a looser chain of command and although Nishiguchi is still the supreme Godfather, he shares some powers with several other men.

Yakuza Shibuya Shooting SceneYamaguchi-gumi repercussion shooting in Shibuya (click to enlarge)
Unfortunately it seems like the scattered and panicked Japanese guy that stumbled into us was right – there would be repercussions, and they have been occurring constantly since the initial shooting. Merely one hour later at just after 11am, the Yamaguchi-gumi’s main Tokyo office in Azabu-Juban 1, about 1.5 kilometers from Nishi-Azabu, was riddled with bullets in retaliation. Also, at 6am this morning, shots were heard in a Yamaguchi-related apartment building in Shibuya, and police arrived to find 3 holes in the door of one of the apartments. Around the same time, the door of a Yamaguchi-gumi member’s apartment in Toshima-ku was also sprayed with bullets. However there were no casualties in any of these attacks.

In should be noted that guns are illegal in Japan. In 2006, in the entire country, there were only 53 incidents involving guns, and only 2 deaths, the least in recorded history. And last year, 2006 was the only year on police record in which no one had been killed in Yakuza turf wars. 2007 has already failed at maintaining that record.

It remains to see what the outcome of this war will be, and how large it will become. But there are definitely more long black cars with tinted-black windows carrying bad-ass looking dudes with black glasses, and short blue and white cars with flashing red lights carrying not-so-bad-ass looking dudes with yellow armbands around Nishi Azabu than I have seen before. The chef over lunch said yesterday, 俺たち関係ないよ (“this doesn’t concern us, it has nothing to do with us”) – Good.

If you have any more Yakuza details, or insights (or corrections) regarding the Yakuza groups mentioned in the article, please share them in the comments!

Stippy has added a follow-up article about the ongoing Yakuza Wars. For the latest update, click to read “Big Boss Falls on Sword in Tokyo Yakuza Wars”.

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  1. Kenshiro-san, my email address is [email protected]
    Please ask me about custom of Japanese Yakuzas and Las Vegas related topics. If I know the answers, I will write with my broken English. I also will write about the truce ceremonies of conflict-wars I was invited to watch them when I was young.

  2. Kenshirou-san,
    I came from Yamaguchi Prefecture. This prefecture toppled Tokugawa Shogunate by small amount of sokdiers. Then they modernized Japan. (see Shinsuke Takasugi) Anyway, we had strange tekiya oyabuns and yakuzas. One of oybun’s father invented fertilizers because he could no stand to eat rice with human waste. His wife was a pharmacist.He maarried to his wif’s ‘house’. He was an expert in teaching matial art but he was no good in doing by himself. Anyway, there were two violent thugs full in two construction companies. Every day, they got fight. At that time, many construcion companies were involved in brying seashore for two large companies.Police got asked by corporations but couldn’t do any, So, police went to other city to get one yakuza boss to mediate. He came to our city abd asked if this tekiya oyabun coulld do. First He refused becuase he was addicted to gamble, then could not drink sake at ceremony, etc. Because he was only one who knew the ceremony procedire. he accepted tellin that little girl who always goto library should find way to do ceremony without drnkng sake. Anyway, I suggested to do three claps, three tea cups (tiny)for 3 times instead of one time. I was not scared because my parents were watching me. At that time, I was a brat. I had my high school permission, too. (history project) I went to a large shrine (famous) and it hs large alcove hanging Shinnou picture. abou 64 tatami mats. Then these two groups all followed the ceremony. Thereafter, no fights. That was my beginning of studying yakuzas.Before that, i was tutoring probability and statistics to local businessmen and politicians. With these earnings I went to a college.

  3. yakuzas and union,
    Just like culinary union in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas etc). some Japanese Unions like to hire yakuzas to attack non-union business, or do themselves if yakuzas decline offerings. In Las Vegas area, right now, Culinary Unions has the history of killings and violence. Right now, Station Casinos have been the target because 13,000 employees refuse to be in culinary union. The dealers are not waiters or waitresses but Culinary Union tries to force them. Then the owners got sued because the owner owneded Mix Marshal Art sportmen refuse to the culinary Unionized. Culinary is for waiters and waitresses. Their guarantees are too low that none of Las Vegas Strip Casino employees signs. Unions in Las Vegas is like that. In Japan, unions are usually left-wing. They are more violent than yakuzas. Union fees are too high. In Japan, unions have to have funds to hire killers. Yakuzas know how to make money without killing people.

  4. Interesting and good information, only one bit I would disagree with is that they do not partake in small extortion. Having watched my father (Kansai area boss) for many years growing up it is not so unlike mafia anywhere around the world and on a whole it is nickle and dime type of crime. Most of them have money one day then the next have nothing..

    There are of course exceptions but the these guys are not the corporate criminals and are in no way as sophisticated as the Russians when it comes to white collar crime and money laundering.

    The era of reality TV or maybe just basic ignorance has given them an image that they do not necessarily deserve.

  5. Kiki-san.
    Ykuzas in Japan do corporation extortions now-a-days. They got into business to make their members work for extremely dangerous TEPCO in Fukushima area. Before General MacCursor recomended to stop child-sales in poverty stricken Northern area, girls were sold to Southern prostitute houses. The girls went to elementary schools (8 yrs, then) like promised and became prostitutes. Yakuza kobuns got guad jobs. Those prostitute houses were in specified area. In North, like TEPCO, by using yakuza workers, TEPCO operaqted extremely dangerous nuclear energy plant. Yakuzas are very uneducated. So, they just worked for TEPCO subsidiaries (i.e. their boss owned dummy companies). Yakuzas make more money than small extortions. In USA, some States do not have nuclear energy plants. Nevada do not have. There was Yucca Mountain where US Government had planned to use as a nuclear waste dump site for all states. However, people and a powerful US Senator from Nevada Harry Reid adviced the President to scrap out. Then two Nevada elected Republican representatives, Amodal and Heck planned to create nuclear research park with ’21th Century Science’ telling that will produce more employments.
    There is no Mafia or yakuza fool enough to work such a place in Nevada. People wondered if they plan to import Japanese nuclear scientists. Scientists in USA say that wastes will be buried in large granite zones. Now I heard Toshiba invented device it claims can deconterminate radioactive soil, etc. Maybe yakuzas will not be like atomic bomb desease patients who died out by now. Mob children created mob Museums and doing ordinal jobs. Prostitute Houses are owned by different type of people under strict laws. They make enough money so they don’t need pimps to lose their income. Strange place, Las Vegas area. Bythe way, LaS Vegas is rated 2nd cities in USA, not to live. Neighbouring Henderson City was rated 2nd place people should live in USA.

  6. I will add more about truce ceremony I was invited. Guests were police chief, mayor who was my family doctor, other city’s head of councilmen because his father was WW I injured tekiya belong to thsis boss’s tekiya group, all of city councilmen, many wealthy gamblers, a national politician who later became a prime-minister of Japan, the presidents of corporations that had to bury seashores to expand. However I noticed that city’s council head was absent.Later I found why, This guy was a prostitution house union head.Then there was a few American officers who were head of US Marine Corps. The trucing boss had strange friends like that. There were also beef and chicken business people and Korean people. These people were discriminated but wealthy in my city. People in my city did not discriminated them. Then after truce, this boss played violin and sang Italian songs. Then played shaku-hachi. my history teacher told me violin is not in regualar ceremony and usually entertainers were hired. Later I heard that this boss’s wife was pharmacist so no one could do Chinese herb medicine trade in the city.

  7. i will write about vanished mafias one at a time as I recall. Italian immigrants and their children were discriminated badly. To defend themselves, they ganged up. Because Nevada do not have neither sales tax nor income tax, it attracted gamblers. Las Vegas proudly call itself Sin City in Silver State. Al Capone and other mafias sent their ment to here. I am going to skip mafias who are not respected by Nevada people.
    Moe Dalitz – he created Desert Inn, Fremont Hotel, etc. He was nicknamed Godfather of Las Vegas because he donated a whole bunch of money to University of Nevada, and created Sunset Hospital. He received Humanitalian Of The Year Award for helping everywhere. He made Stardust Hotel, too. He created several of University of Las Vegas buildings, too. He was a front man of mobs but he built Las Vegas. He was a respected man by everybody at that time. He was also richest man in Nevada. He died with kidney failure, died in late 1980 without going to jail.

  8. Yakuza customs-Giri Ninjou
    Giri is mutual obligations. Ninjou is human sympathetic feelings. More than 100 years ago, my prefecture people toppled Shogunate. However, leaders worked for modernizing Japan after they created new Japan. They made everybody is same human beings. Samurai or former discriminated as non-human class, they abolished. However, yakuzas like to use samurai culture even they are not samurai descendents. if their members neglect giri payment, yubitsume (chop off little fimger) was done. New Japan then forbade losing lord to give their daughters as hostages to winners. Losing lord was forbade to do seppuku (put the sword to his stomach left to right to kill himself and his top samurai to behead him). Then new government forbade internal territory fight. Ninjou is human pitiness. That was recommended for Giri repayment. Yakuzas admire samurai customs. People wear glasses. When fight occurs, samurai descendents take out glasses and stare others. That scares opponents like yakuzas. Bluffing works. Yakuza calls that as samurai eyes. No, it is just nearsight or farsight. non-yakuza people say yakuzas are chicken,

  9. Oyabun – Kobun === Oyabun is Oyakata. Yakuzas sometimes called chicken because chickens stay their owners’ chicken yards. On the contrary, crows and sparrows fly away. Yakuzas are obedient to their keepers. Oyabun is not used by only yakuzas. Carpenters, painters and many construction workers use oyabun for their employers. Oya is parents. Bun is status. Oyabun is often called oyakata. The employees are kobun (child role). People who take care of them, respectfully called their employers as oyabun or oyakata. It is differnet with merchants. The employees (usually Ten-ins) can change their employers. Oyabun;s wives are called ‘oneisan’, ‘oneisama’ ,etc. Often oyabuns are called ‘oji-san’.

  10. Yakuza & Soukai-ya
    Yakuzas extort corporations -big. They purchase minimum amounts of stocks. They go to stock holders meeting with a group. They don’t go alone. If they got agreement with corrupted corporation executives, they yell “sansei, sansei”. If not yet, they say “hantai, hantai.” as soon as meetings begin. Honest corporations usually hire some women accountants or lawers who study all paper works. They use make-up to hide their identity, and raise their voices to ask yakuzas,”tell me which page you don’t like?” Yakuzas believe women are inferior than them. They get confused and don’t know what to say. Then, encouraged honest stockholders say “Douzo Douzo” Yakuzas lose and avoid such companies. Yakuzas like to go to corrupted corporations.

  11. There are roughly two kind of Soukai-yas. One is yakuza, 2nd is ninja soukaiya which do not do illegal activities, so that they are not considered soukai-ya. They are usually high salalied corporation workers with law degrees, economic, commerce, business degreed. They work for non-corrupted corporations and they don;t even mention that they have ninja skills. Unlike yakuzas, they use ninja techniques. Old ninjas’ spying method. Unlike yakuzas, old ninja had female ninjas, ‘kuno-ichi’. Kuni-ichi use makeup, wigs to hide them so that they are not recogniable. Then ninjas use their knowledge and memory power when they represent the corporations at stockholders’ meetings. Somehow, yakuzas get scared because these ninja knowledged people look inside of yakuzas’ eyes if conflicts are raised by yakuzas. Soukaiya yakuzas are not violent yakuzas. They are yakuzas who have 20 fingers intact. They are forbidden to be violent. That is why they are assigned to be soukaiya.

  12. now, yakuzas’ legitimate business.
    Recently, Yoshimoto Kougyo declared that it will severe ties with yakuza. Yakuza oyabuns have entertainment businesses. Sumou, Kabuki, Circus, Anything go on business. When these entertinments are held, ad board goes everywhere. Oyabuns; name got center bottom says ‘kanjinmoto so & so’. people pay entree fee to watch them. These are legal. Yoshimoto Kougyo used to make money. So id Japan Sumou Association. Singers, musicians. Now, illegitimate part. These shows are done when Local Government gambling such as horse race, cyckle race were not held. Oyabun, kobun, and ‘kataqgi’ gamblers goto specified temple to play 48 flower card gambling all night. Japanese wives are trained to be servant wives, and they are glad their husbands goto gambling than foolin with mistresses. politicians go there, too. Yakuzas work as servants, dealers, but they can’t gamble. Just servant and dealers. Pokers are easier than 48 flower cards, though. Nintendo used to supply these gambling cards. Now, Nintendo is biggest supplier of computer games in USA. (Oh, Sony outsells but no one blame Sony because Sony outsell any of their products.)

  13. discrimination in Japan and Yakuza memberships.
    Reports show that Yakuzas have high proportion of Korean leaders in yakuzas. In USA, Chinese and Korean children achieve extremely high in schools. Even Korean yakuza members are plenty, they value samurai culture. Well, Japanese Government, when modernized, it made Japanese to be Shizoku and Heimin. Shizomu was for Samurai descendents and all others for heimin. The purpose was making samurais not to rebel by giving them higher status. It worked. However, heimin wanted to treat some people previousely discriminated people less. Middle schools did not accept formerly discriminated students. How schools found? This childern were called ‘yotsu, yeta’ for children of pelt and beef-chicken business; or ‘chosen youbou’ loudly in school yards. On the contrary, Shizoku chikdren did not call less classed pople by names. If they did, they had to do all non shizoku children. So, shizoku children playhed with anyone. Beside, their parents fed them beef and other food believing eating animal food make cuter and prettier children. Discriminated children, grow uo and no jobs. Only yakuzas and tekiyas (ninja descendent created) accepted them. They honed their skill of leadership and organization skill. Yakuzas are excellent in encouraging formerly discriminated people to be their leaders so that their organizations become profittable. Japan is now 3rd in economic growth. Japanese corporations rather make divisions in USA where they can hire any talented engineers including women. One thing yakuzas don’t do is to include women. This will take many more decades in Japan.

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  15. I wrote this kind fo article to other area. In 1960, Japanese Government oered yakuzas, tekiyas and uyoku (right wing) to make Aiku welcome committee. Eisenhower was coming to Japan. This new committee members all over in Japan attacked any leftwing people’s meetings wth bg stcks and their hands, (No guns – crushed every day. Liberal Democratic Party, if needed, recruit yakuzas. ) About tekiya ninjas who prohibit animal related business people to be discriminated, tekiya people used to tell that they walk with their hands down to walk and go down underneath of houses to snoop iRnformations. So they prohibited their children to call yotsu (4 limb walker) for children of animal business people. Las Vegas Senate Candidate , Shallon Angle, still get in comic talks. Asian people in USA are quite respected. There were more than 200 homeless veterans who were invited to Sunset Station Casinos, Beside free food, werved by pretty waitresses, Las Vegas type gorgeous entertainment alll free. Just like Japan, USA government don’t do too much to comng home veterans.

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    Capo crimini (oyabun) became President
    Capo busatone (oh-za=aniki) executives
    Consiglieli (aniki) directors
    soldao (kobun) employees
    Computer to personal computer changed mob family’s life.

  17. Las Vegas opened up Consumer Electronics Show today. I went there in the morning and noticed no Japanese women. Maybe tomorrow. A lot of robots and new handheld TVs. After lunch I will be back. I noticed robots doing traffic controllings. Las Vegas cops are rough so people don’t mind robotscleaning up suspicious packages. Often homeless people’s bags. Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, and a whole Japanese products made in USA. I don’t think yakuzas will be able to do business at all. There is no yakuzas in Las Vegas. Dangerous because cops shoot many bullets if susoicious, even they don;t have guus. Non-citizens do not have right to arm. Like Latinos, or black people. yakuzas will be shot easily.
    Descrimination in Japan. In my time, maybe still. middel schools and high schools gave entrance exam. Students had to give copies of their family tree bool. ‘Koseki touhon’ was not needed but Koseki shouhon, abbreviated version’. For family tree, Samurai descendent get Shizoku, Non samurai get heimin (commoner), Formerly discriminated people get ‘fomer burakumin, also illegal to label them. Korean people got ‘Chousen jin) How good they studied they were not accepted. Jobs were same. These talented people studied by themselves. They were not allowed to go to City Library. They did not even get newspaper delivery (walk) jobs. Only employment they got was yakuzas and tekiyas. Yakuzas became subcontract construciotn businessmen, ?they did thing people do not want. Shizoku people hired discriminated children for their maids, babysitters, etc so that these children’s family can have more food. Northern poor peple’s boys were employed by Southern factories, but not discriminated people. I usecd tutor probability and hanafuda playing strategy for my parttime job because I was no good in housewife type subjects but loved Math. My classmates envied me and boys in city did not object that. Ninja descendent taught me how to scare boys with my eyes. Yakuzas, then, were coward, too.

  18. Women in Yakuza world.
    Wife of Oyabun – called Oneisan or Oneisama. The latter is more polite.
    Wife who takes care of their daily finance: I the wfe is from a samurai family, Okusama.
    Unlike oneisamam she could be nice but she knows how to reprimand kobuns.
    Wives of elder brother role: Obasan (friendly way).
    Children of oyabuns: Botchan( boys) and Ojousan or Ojousama) Sama is used more politely
    Oyabun’s parents if they are alive. Obaasama (female) Ojiisama(male). They have to
    respehct oler people because they are usually retired oyabuns or Samurai descendents.
    If kobuns mistreat their wives, oyabun and his wife scold very hashly, Oyabun may slap kobun’sface.This is to prevent wife to commit suicide.

  19. Las Vegas convention Center was full. I don’t like to eat over there except ice cream. It is too warm again. My associates and I will go tomorrow. Tiny 3-D TV and things are getting smaller. However, people love Sony. Sony will be profittable again. They swapped CEO, they said. Sony has nothing to do with Olympus type loss. Olympus’ big shots stole money and ‘blame yakuzas when they don’t even know these yakuza groups’ name or how they operated to steal so many billion dollars. They got fired. Sony’s revenue was down and this new young CEO who did good with game, etc will operate differently, No stolen money to make yakuzas’ responsibility. Corporations blame yakuzas to hide their theft, not Sony. I will visit CES to enjoy displays and enjoy food. All I have to do is to skip breakfast. I like any casinos’ buffet but this kind of events, I goto Japanese food restaurants. No yakuzas in Las Vegas.Some day, Yakuzas will rehabilitate like Las Vegas mobs’ children.When they were majoring comouter science, they were brilliant in Cal.StateUniv. Fullerton.I noticed some of them at Conv. Center. They became old just like I became old.

  20. I am back from convension. Some people are complaining that Al Capone’s grandnephew became a writer. Of cause she wrote good part only. There is mob museum to be opened and that is done by mob related girls. Efficient mob attorney Oscar Goodman finished 12 years of mayor and opened a restaurant Beef, Booze and Broad. Broads are pretty not so young college degreed ladies who make-up 20 years younger. American women sure know how to makeup younger. Revitalization of downtown is getting better. One Chinese business tycoon moved his corporation to empty city center to make sure city can goto new building without US money. People complain US waste money but they shut up now. At CES, there were more women and they were not interested in ‘broad’ booth, Men were more interested in products, too. remote control Pad that operate vacuum cleaners, and water proof gadet for people who drop iphone in toilet. I went all over but I did not see yakuzas at all. You can spot them easily because they have interpreters. No yakuzas this year again.

  21. Kiki, in which city was your father involved in as a yakuza? Does the code of conduct differ from city to city?

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