Movie: “KISARAZU CATS EYE – World Series” (木更津キャッツアイ)

Kisarazu Cats Eye recently got some behind the scenes snapshots from the movie set of “KISARAZU CATS EYE – World Series” (木更津キャッツアイ ワールドシリーズ).

This Japanese movie was released just a few days ago, on the 28th Oct 2006 by TBS. We thought we would just introduce it with some photos that you wont see anywhere else (You can click on all photos to enlarge them).

Cats and ZombiesTwenty-one year old former high school baseball player, Kohei, learns that he is dying from cancer. He is told that he only has six months to live, and decides that he wants to do something daring, out on a limb. He proposes to five trusted members from his former baseball club that they form a ring of cat burglars that would steal from those who commit crimes. His friends think it odd, but feel they cannot turn down a dying man’s request. With only six months, how much could they do anyway?

Ozzy UchiSo was the plot for the highly popular TBS television series first showing in 2002. This movie follows up the first one released in 2003 “Kisarazu Cats Eye – Japan Series”.

Cats leader Bu-san has passed away but his ghost is not content to be away from his beloved crew, especially as they have parted on uncertain terms, and now returns seeking closure.
Yoon Son-ha at the set of the movieOnly, some members can see him while the rest of the town is in confusion at some odd behaviour of the Cats, making for some amusing scenes and foolery.
Most shocked by his return is probably his widowed wife, played by the very pretty Korean actress Yoon Son-ha (picture is her at the set of the movie, we could only sneak this one shot of her) who, while happy to see him back is shocked to find his genitals didn’t come with him!

Adding to the mayhem is the reappearance of Ozzy, and Ucchi who is now AWOL from the Self- Defence Force where the cruel taunting of his dominatrix-type superior (Chiaki Kuriyama, the infamous high school girl in “Kill Bill 1”) have driven him to the edge. Chiaki KuriyamaHowever, the rising of spirits from the ghost realm has also brought with it a team of American high school kids who won a tournament in Japan 80 years ago. Their ship sunk off the Kisarazu coastline and have comeback as Zombies to play some ball and get their lost medals back.

Luckily the zombie leader – Jun Hashimoto – has Japanese ancestry and communicates in comical manner with the Cats – (Jun makes his first big-screen appearance after a successful stage acting career – the other zombies are real zombies still living in Tokyo today).

Jun's TeamCheck out the official home page for the details of the movie itself. We just thought we could bring you this brief article with exclusive pictures and a foreigner angle (our specialty!). We spoke to one of the guys involved in the shoot and found out lots about being a gaijin actor in Japan too, it was a great chance. The best part however, we have to admit – was Chiaki and Yun..!

8 thoughts on “Movie: “KISARAZU CATS EYE – World Series” (木更津キャッツアイ)”

  1. I love a good Japanese movie now and then as a break from the usual Hollywood shite: 嫌われ松子の一生 (Kiraware Matsuko no Issho – Memories of Matsuko) was the last one I saw, and I thought it wasn’t bad.

    What’s your take on this – worth going to see?

  2. yea,its worth it if you dont mind a bit of slap-stick japanese humour..these guys have quite a following in a range of age groups so a good one to add into your knowlegde pool of japanese dramas/cinema

  3. 这是新出的电影吗? 什么时候在中国可以看到啊? 或许这会是一部值得我一看的电影…

  4. I think it says: Is this a new movie? When can I see it in China? or is it only for a chosen few to see??

  5. Well the pirated copy should have been on sale two weeks before release of the movie! thats how i first saw spiderman 3 and Mike moores 911….otherwise they will just have to wait a little longer for the upgraded pirate version like the rest of us..

  6. I think the last sentence of that comment in Chinese says “maybe this is a movie worth me going to see…”
    There are not many pirated copies of Japanese movies. The best way might be through

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