Who’s your Daddy? – a love call from Shikoku

closeupAfter eating what was potentially the worst cream puff of my life this afternoon at the local Willie Winki, I was motivated to write an article on Beard Papa. Having been relocated to the arse-end of Shikoku for the past month, I think you can safely assume that I’m missing a bunch of the things that Black is missing. To be sure, Beard Papa is definitely one of them.

As far as I’m concerned, Beard Papa is the crème de la crème of “choux a la crème” (シュークリーム). I’ve got not idea why the Japanese call cream puffs by a name that sounds like that black stuff I use to polish my shoes Continue reading Who’s your Daddy? – a love call from Shikoku

J-WOTD: 左団扇 (ひだりうちわ)

ひだりうちわ (hidariuchiwa)

* “J-WOTD” = “Japanese Word of the Day”

uchiwa-1.JPGThe uchiwa is a type of fan, which these days is generally made of plastic and handed out at festivals or in front of train stations for advertising during the heat of summer. Here it is combined with hidari, the word for left, to literally mean to use a fan in the left hand. However, with air conditioners becoming so common these days, you are just as likely to hear the phrase in the cold of winter as the heat of summer because the term carries with it the connotations of living a life of comfort. Continue reading J-WOTD: 左団扇 (ひだりうちわ)