J-WOTD: お土産外交

おみやげがいこう (omiyage gaiko)
Omiyage - Maid in Japan

* “J-WOTD” = “Japanese Word of the Day”

The beauty of the term Omiyage Gaiko is in its simplicity. Rather than being a complicated “4 character word” (四字熟語) it’s a neat little phrase that I saw for the first time being used on the television earlier this week. Yukio Hatoyama (鳩山 由紀夫) of the Democrats (not to be confused with his younger brother Kunio “a friend in my butterfly collecting club is from Al-Qaeda” Hatoyama (鳩山 邦夫) who is in the LDP coined this phrase a couple of weeks ago.

The two words that make up this phrase お土産 (omiyage, souvenir) and 外交 (gaiko, foreign policy) make an unusual combination. Hatoyama was using them to refer to Prime Minister Fukuda’s recent decision to force the refueling bill through the lower house without debate before his scheduled trip to America later this week. Hatoyama was implying that Fukuda didn’t have a decent souvenir from Japan to give to President Bush and so forced through the policy in order to give him something to talk to Bush with. As I’m sure you can guess, Hatoyama wasn’t too pleased that such an important policy for Japan was being dictated by Fukuda’s desire to come up with a topic of conversation in his upcoming conversation with Bush. I’m always a fan of smart politicians with the gift of the gab but this phrase tickled me enough to write it up as a J-WOTD.

“Hatoyama made it clear that as an independent country, Japan should show some balls and stop passing legislation just to please the United States or the world will begin to treat it like a vassal state of America.”

Oh, and just for fun, here is the video of 鳩山 邦夫 (Kunio Hatoyama) that we mentioned above, where he said, “A friend of a friend is a member of Al-Qaeda”:

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4 thoughts on “J-WOTD: お土産外交”

  1. I thought the “my friend’s friend is Al Qaeda” video is another example of how politicians can completely screw up. Did he think he could just get away with saying this and not expect any 2っcommies from the media?

    Wtf is he trying to point out here anyway.His friend’s friend could have just as easily been Al Qaeda and a Japanese national. Why does his friend being in Al Qaeda automatically mean that they are a gaijin? He says in the video how that “friend” went in and out of Japan many times freely while being in Al Qaeda. Well, I suppose that if that Al Qaeda friend was Japanese, they could still come and go as they please, without being fingerprinted.

    What a load of crap these people feed us.

  2. And of course the grave he dug for himself just got deeper and deeper from there. We all know how he tried to claim that the terrorist was actually a friend of a guy whom he met in his Butterfly collecting club. But then it just keeps on getting better. Did you see the footage where he tried to justify the Al Qaede connection by telling the world that his friends was “a very respected person in Butterfly collecting circles”. Who gives a flying fuck? What has this guy been smoking?

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